Investigation suggests even slower mail in Sweden


Published 1 February 2023 at 07.58

Domestic. The postal inquiry, which was appointed by the previous government, suggests that Swedish postal delivery should be even slower.

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Investigator Britt Bohlin has submitted his report to the current government and proposes that the mail should be distributed every three days instead of every second, as it was changed to last year.

Bohlin says the proposal will make Sweden the country in the Nordics with the “best and cheapest” postal service, compared to neighboring countries Denmark and Norway where postage is more expensive and mail delivery slower.

The proposal is expected to enter into force on 1 July 2024 .

This change has met with mixed reactions. Some believe that it will make it difficult for companies and organizations that depend on fast mail delivery, while others believe that it will not have a major impact on daily operations.

Sweden's postal service has in recent years undergone a series of changes to streamline operations and reduce costs.

The change that mail delivery should take place every other day instead of every day was part of these efforts.

So now another change is proposed, which will further degrade the service.