Electric Hummer, the production of the SUV model starts. First example up for auction


The SUV version of the new electric Hummer was presented in April 2021. It took a long time but General Motors started production of this model. As we know, the priority is had been given to the pickup variant of the electric Hummer. Also, there were some problems in the beginning that slowed down the construction of such a battery-operated model. However, we recall that the production of both variants of the Hummer EV is held within the Factory ZERO located in Detroit.

The first electric Hummer SUV version to roll off the production line is the first electric Hummer SUV to roll off the production line. It was a model in the Edition One trim level, equipped with 3 electric motors capable of delivering a total of 842 HP (619 kW). Acceleration from 0 to 60mph (96km/h) takes just 3.5 seconds. Autonomy with a full tank of energy is a must. approximately 450 km.

The SUV, like the pickup, rests on the Ultium platformdeveloped by General Motors. Thanks to the support of the 800V architecture, it is possible to use the 800V architecture. possible to recharge at very high power. The SUV version of the electric Hummer measures 4,999 mm in length with a wheelbase of 3,218 mm. This means that it is more short of the pickup measuring 5,507 mm in length with a wheelbase of 3,445 mm. The manufacturer points out that this difference improves driveability; especially on off-road routes.

With the start of production, the first examples should arrive in the hands of customers within a couple of months. We recall that at the time of the presentation, the Edition One was offered at a price of approximately 110 thousand dollars.


The first example (VIN 001) of the SUV version of the electric Hummer was not completed. went directly into the hands of a customer. Indeed, it is was auctioned by Barrett-Jackson on January 28th. Car that is was sold for a good 500,000 dollars. The proceeds of the auction will go to the to Tread Lightly!, a non-profit association that deals with recreational and educational initiatives. It is worth emphasizing that this organization will receive a number of awards. the full amount of the auction as Barrett-Jackson has waived commissions.

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