CB Screenshot Contest: That's not a knife – Show off your in-game weapons!


In October 2022, the screenshot competition of the ComputerBase community started again after a summer break. Competitions will be held over a period of six months, in which points can be collected up to and including March 2023. This time we are looking for recordings on the topic “That's not a knife”.

The penultimate round starts

In February, the screenshot competition follows a meme – the phrase “That's not a knife” comes from the 1986 film Crocodile Dundee and can be perfectly applied to video games – the medium usually has no shortage of (particularly impressive) weapons.

That's not a knife: Show me your weapon, big gun, epic sword or simple nail board, everything is allowed.

From now until February 20, 2023 at 11:59 p.m., all community members are invited to email a specially taken screenshot for the corresponding monthly topic to the initiators GUN2504 and Corros1on. In any case, your own user name in the ComputerBase forum and, optionally, a comment on the screenshot should be sent along.

It is also important that the long side of the screenshot must not exceed 2,560 pixels; however, the aspect ratio can be chosen freely. As usual, the following also applies: recordings already published in the forum are excluded from the competition, as are screenshots from games indexed in Germany.

The following six monthly themes have been nominated for the competition:

  • October: “Nature spectacle”
  • November: “In the middle of the night”
  • December: “Off the beaten track”
  • January: “Fugch in construction”
  • February: “That's not a knife”
  • March: “Funny snapshots”

Two more votes until the winner is announced

Beginning February 21, 2023, a week-long poll will begin to rank community favorites. The first five places then receive points. If there is a tie, a draw will be made. At the end of March, the overall winner will be crowned. The ComputerBase team and the initiators of the competition will reward the winner with a small gift that will be announced in due time. The screenshot competition will then go on summer break before continuing with a new 6-month competition in October 2023. Again, the topics are said to come from the community.

After the fourth month of the current competition, eXtra continues to lead the rankings, taking first place for the second year in a row could. He did it with the following screenshot from Escape from Tarkov, which captures two unconventionally oriented toilet bowls and was able to unite a proud 47.2 percent of the votes.

Winning photo of the January 2023 screenshot competition (Image: eXtra)