Boeing 747, last example delivered. ? the end of a 56-year history


1.574. These are the 747 specimens made by Boeing from 1967 to today: and now, 56 years later, the Everett factory is ready to go. the last one came out. After him, no other 747 will be released. never again product. The stop had been decided a little later; of two years ago, when in the midst of the pandemic it was understood that aircraft of this size could be transported. large dimensions and impact from an environmental point of view – as well as extremely expensive – would soon have given way to more vehicles; efficient and eco-sustainable.

Thousands of people were waiting for the last 747 to leave the huge hangar, including 'The Incredibles' and 'The Incredibles'. – The Incredibles – or the Boeing employees responsible for the design and construction of the first model. The freshly manufactured and assembled 747-8 is ready for use. been assigned to Atlas Air, where "the Queen of Heaven will continue to be a part of Atlas Air. to inspire and empower innovation in air cargo" – Stan Deal, President and CEO of Boeing Commercial.

The last Boeing 747 at Everett, near Seattle.

The plane that “shrank the world” reducing distances and connecting all corners of the planet is; It was the first with a double corridor and it was; easily recognizable by its hump inside which the passengers of the upper deck are housed. It took 28 months to design and build the first model: the first airline to adopt it was; was Pan Am in 1970.

The first Boeing 747 rolled out of the Everett factory in 1968.

Now Boeing has dismantled the line of production, and the team that worked together; busy with the construction of the last 747-8 (it is the most recent model, dating back to 2005) will be completed; relocated to other sectors of the company and, in some cases, termination of the employment relationship on a voluntary basis is envisaged. The last example has already completed all flight tests, and will fly next week; in Cincinnati where Atlas has its headquarters.

But how will it be done? recognize the latest 747 from the entire Atlas Air fleet? Easy: it will suffice; look if next to its snout there is a snout. the inscription "Joe Sutter". É the name of the father of this aircraft, who died in 2016.

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