BMW not ? interested in the pickup market


Pickups are becoming increasingly popular. popular, especially in some markets. Several car manufacturers are looking at this segment with growing interest, especially with electrification. In recent times we have seen the arrival on the market of several new models and many others are already available. been announced. With the presentation of the Audi Activesphere concept which can "transform" in a sort of pickup, one wonders if these means will be increasingly; present in the future.

Apparently, for the moment, BMW isn't the only one that will be present in the future. interested in proposing one of his pickups. Adrian van Hooydonk, head of design for the German automaker, speaking to the BMW Blog – I was clear on this issue.

It was not clear. an obvious choice for BMW. We don't have to follow every new trend. If we get into a segment, we want to get into it long-term. What I see and find interesting is; that during the COVID, we have seen that people want to spend more time; time outdoors.

Anyway, Adrian van Hooydonk admits that pickups have evolved in recent years and are becoming more popular. interesting.

But the interesting thing is, that the pickup is becoming more and more; sophisticated. Electric models are coming. Naturally, prices are rising. They have also become more active. refined.

However, although pickups today have improved significantly, this does not justify BMW's entry into this segment. The position of the BMW design chief does not seem to be a definitive no but it is clear that, for the moment, these models are not being taken into consideration by the German brand for its growth plans.

BMW X7 Pickup

Actually, BMW already has a pickup. explored this segment in the past, albeit with one-off projects. In 2019, for example, a pickup conversion of the BMW X7 SUV was shown.

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