Zeekr 003, the new Chinese electric will arrive? also in Europe


After the Zeekr 001 and Zeekr 009, the Chinese automaker of the Geely Group is working on a third electric model that will take the the name of Zeekr 003 and which should also be proposed on the European market where it will enter; in direct competition with cars of the caliber of the Volkswagen ID.3. In fact, the dimensions of the new Zeekr vehicle should not be very different from those of the battery-powered model of the German brand.

Indeed, we expect the Zeekr 003, project name BX1E, to have a length of about 4.3 meters. It seems that its presentation is expected for the next Shanghai Auto Show, which will be held in 2016. in April. For the moment, there is little technical information on this new electric car. We know that it will rest; on the Geely Group's SEA platform, the same one also used by Smart #1.

Furthermore, it should be offered with powertrains of different power, both with a single electric motor and with a double engine in order to also offer all-wheel drive. At the disposal of the Zeekr 003 there could be the same units as that we find today on the Smart #1. If this were the case, the single-engine version would have 200 kW, while the dual-engine version would have 315 kW.

The Chinese brand's new electric car should have been designed by the center's team. Geely's design studio in Gothenburg, Sweden. We still don't know anything specific about the interiors, but surely there will be some changes. a lot of technology. We will likely find many of the solutions already available. seen on 001 and 009. Fortunately, the debut should not be long so it is; It is possible that further details on this car may emerge soon.

On paper, this model could be very interesting for the European market. As we know, Zeekr has specific growth plans for the Old Continent where it aims to introduce its 001 first and foremost.

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