Ica's insect salad arouses great anger


Published 30 January 2023 at 19.39

Domestic. A recipe for “insect salad with chili and garlic and roasted vegetables” on Ica's website is now causing a storm on social media, writes Samnytt.

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The recipe, which contains “4 dl fresh mealworms”, was published on Ica's website in 2017, and on the grocery giant's website almost all comments are negative.

“Will we really eat mealworms in the future ?Given that they are both high in protein and environmentally friendly, we can probably expect them to appear on the menu when our eating habits have to be adapted to climate and population,” writes Ica in the recipe.

A series of profiles on social media is now also paying attention to the insect salad.

The debater Katerina Janouch is one of those who on Twitter express her disgust at Ica's publication of her “disgusting insect recipe”.

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“Damn it, may you go into climate panic bankruptcy”, reads other angry comments, writes Samnytt.