Toyota CH-R, the second generation will be? made in Turkey (also batteries)


Toyota has confirmed that the new generation of the C-HR, whose forms have been anticipated by the Toyota CH-R Prologue, will be available in the future. still built at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey (TMMT) in Sakarya. The new Japanese crossover, as well as in the Full Hybrid version, will be available for the first time in Europe; also made in the Plug-in variant. Following this news – technical, the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey will be; the first European plant of Toyota to produce Plug-in hybrid vehicles.


Furthermore, it will be; also the first Toyota European plant to have a battery production line. Therefore, the accumulators for the CH-R Plug-in will be assembled directly within this site. For their construction, the car manufacturer will go to a number of companies. to build a new assembly line with a capacity; of 75,000 units; per year. The production of accumulators for Plug-in vehicles will start at the same time. in December 2023, simultaneously creating around 60 new jobs.

The establishment of a production line for batteries in the factory was a major challenge. an important milestone in Toyota’s electrification journey and in the future will enable the to also support other Toyota plants in the Old Continent. The overall investment for this project will be about 317 million euros, bringing the plant's cumulative investment to about 2.3 billion euros.

As we know, Toyota is committed to reaching full neutrality; carbon dioxidein Europe by 2040 and aim for gender neutrality. carbon in all its production facilities by 2030. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey (TMMT) therefore has technologies that minimize energy consumption such as, for example, those of painting that significantly reduce CO2 emissions. Furthermore, extensive use is made of renewable energy to power the plant. Marvin Cooke, Toyota Motor Europe Executive Vice President Manufacturing, commented:

We are proud to announce that TMMT will produce the new Toyota Motor Europe Executive Vice President Manufacturing. the second generation Toyota C-HR, including the first plug-in hybrid model produced in Europe. The outstanding performance and dedication of our TMMT employees will make this new model a great success, just like its predecessor. Another milestone – represented by the start-up of the first battery assembly line in Europe, which is an important step in our European electrification plan.

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