The number of covid deaths in Sorsele: 0


Published 30 January 2023 at 13.02

Domestic. With 2,500 inhabitants, Sorsele municipality is admittedly one of the smallest in the country. But still, the number of people who died with a covid-19 infection stands out. Zero people.

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After three years with corona in circulation, still not a single person has died during an ongoing covid-19 infection in Sorsele, reports SVT.

The small Norrland municipality has three nursing homes and a short-term residence, but the first case of covid in one of the residences was only confirmed last fall.

Despite that, the municipality has managed to keep the infection away from the residences and none of the elderly have become ill.

Anders Johansson, medical director at healthcare hygiene in Västerbotten, believes that some of the deaths that have occurred in other municipalities can be explained by chance and a lack of ability to combat the infection.

He also believes that it is fantastic that none of the elderly in Sorsele have had to pass away and that they have been able to avoid the disease that has affected so many others.

Despite this, the elderly in Sorsele have had a tough time due to the lack of contact with their relatives. The municipality has also had a very strict policy regarding the number of visitors to residences and group gatherings.

The staff still work with mouth guards and full protective equipment to ensure as safe an environment as possible.

Next best. in Sweden, in absolute terms, Storfors municipality has only four deaths, according to SVT.