“Sweden has become a Silicon Valley for criminals”


Published 29 January 2023 at 08.45

Domestic. There is a strong focus on gun violence in the conversation about organized crime in Sweden, but the problem is much more than that. Crime around the Social Insurance Agency, fraud and tax crimes are not prioritized high enough, warns a prosecutor.

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The economic incentives that drive organized crime must be fought, including organized fraud, tax crimes, welfare crimes and money laundering, writes Daniel Larson, prosecutor, in a debate article in Expressen.

According to him the problem is that it is too profitable to commit crime in Sweden and therefore it must be made more difficult and the risk of detection increased.

However, this will lead to deterioration in community services.

“There needs to be something more complicated to take part in welfare benefits. It needs to take a little longer to receive benefits. It needs to be less convenient to travel to another country or transfer money. That is the price we have to pay to push back organized crime,” according to the prosecutor.

Increased public services and digitization have made the systems easier to use, but the control function is still ineffective and tied back by secrecy.

“Sweden has become the Silicon Valley for criminal enterprises neighborhood,” notes Daniel Larsson.