Gnome 44: First pre-release released with new Stream Deck app


The Gnome Project has released the first public alpha of its new Gnome Shell and desktop environment Gnome in the upcoming version 44.0 for everyone to test and try out. In addition to a new Stream Deck app, the in-house browser is to be ported to the modern graphics toolkit GTK 4.

Gnome 44 for everyone for the first time

With Gnome 44 Alpha, the developers have released the first public preview of the new Linux desktop, which continues to evolve towards Rust and GTK 4 and includes many new features and improvements brings.

Gnome Web, Gnome Maps and Nautilus

After the browser Gnome Web, formerly Epiphany, with Gnome 43 also received extensions (“add-ons”) in the form of so-called web extensions for the first time, the app changes with Gnome 44 in the basis to GTK 4, “Libadwaita” and WebKit in version 6.0 ported.

< p class="p text-width">In addition, the in-house map app Gnome Maps and the Gnome file manager Nautilus receive further innovations, optimizations and error corrections.


  • Epiphany now uses GTK 4, libadwaita, and webkitgtk-6.0.
  • Avoid deprecated GTK APIs.
  • WebExtensions: Implemented support for special shortcut commands.
  • Removed custom desktop notification implementation.
  • Fixed some memory leaks.
  • Updated icons.
  • Duplicate the tab when middle-clicking on the Refresh button.
  • Fix issues found by Coverity.
Gnome Maps < ul class="text-ul">

  • Fixed broken long-press to bring up the context menu on touch screens.
  • Fixed various issues left after the GTK 4 port.
  • Fixed location service dialog.
  • Fixed user location accuracy marker positioning.
  • Implemented support for getting thumbnails and Wikipedia article extracts
  • from Wikidata.
  • Nautilus Enhancements

    • Enriched tab context menus.
    • Allowed pasting image data into new PNG file.
    • Added shortcut for Preferences.
    • Reintroduced 64px icon size for grid view.
    • Removed upper limit on thumbnailing file size range.

    Gnome 44 Alpha – Release Notes

    More detailed information about the changes as well as all updated software packages can be found in the official release notes.

    New features in the Gnome Control Center

    < p class="p text-width">Many changes have been made to the Gnome Control Center, including support for sharing WiFi passwords via a QR code, a revamped date and time window, and the ability to run kernel and firmware Show versions in info window.

    In addition to the desktop and shell, numerous built-in apps in the desktop environment have already been updated to version 44.0-alpha.

    An even better implementation of the display server -Protocol Wayland in the Gnome Shell is in the specifications as with every new release of the free desktop. The “Arc Technologie” YouTube channel, which specializes in Linux and open source, demonstrates just how adaptable Gnome has become in an eight-minute video.

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    The Gnome 44 public alpha is optionally available as source downloaded or tried out with the latest Gnome OS Nightly, which is intended solely for testing purposes and not for daily use.

    According to the official release notes, Gnome 44 is expected to be released on Coming out March 18, 2023.