15-year-old shot to death in Skogås


Published 29 January 2023 at 05.44

Domestic. A teenager has been killed in a shooting at a restaurant in Skogås center in Huddinge south of Stockholm. The victim was a 15-year-old boy and the alarm about the shooting came in at 6 pm on Saturday, several media reports.

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One person has now been arrested, the police said at 09:00 on Sunday morning.

The teenager was found with gunshot wounds at the scene and was taken to hospital by ambulance helicopter, but later died of his injuries.

A preliminary investigation into murder or manslaughter has been started.

The police have cordoned off the scene for a technical investigation and are looking for one or more perpetrators. No one has been arrested so far and the police are surveying people around the victim and if there are any conflicts.

Some people have been taken in for questioning but that does not mean they are suspects.

The police are knocking on doors and looking for traces with the help of dog patrol, the authority states on its website.

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