Sweden pays when Spain introduces paid leave for periods


Published 27 January 2023 at 10.20

Foreign. Spain could be the first in Europe to give women paid leave three days a month with the explanation that they are menstruating, reports SVT. Taxpayers in northern Europe, including Sweden, are behind the financing.

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The decision that Sweden would finance something like this was hammered out 2020.

or less would stop working.

Recently, these fears were partly confirmed when Spain announced that it now intends to try to introduce a four-day work week and three days off – every week – which Fria Tider wrote about at the time.

Now it is time for three additional days of leave for women – every month.

Parliament voted in favor in December and now the issue is with the Senate, according to SVT. If it goes through, Spain will be the first in Europe.

However, the proposal is being debated and critics warn that it could “disadvantage women in the labor market”. However, not much is said about where the money comes from.

The idea is to make it easier for those who are in so much pain that they do not consider themselves able to work, while removing the requirement for a sick leave from a doctor.

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