Nissan inaugurates a new spare parts warehouse in Italy


Nissan Italia has inaugurated a new spare parts warehouse in the municipality of Capena in province of Rome. This plant will be very important because; will have to supply spare parts and accessories to over 400 official and affiliated assistance centers and body shops of the Nissan network distributed throughout the country, as well as manage urgent orders for Renault dealerships in central-southern Italy.

ONLY 12 MONTHS FOR CONSTRUCTION < img src="/wp-content/uploads/24efe11b64ee292524dbe07fd11a3d10.gif" />

The new warehouse is, therefore, strategic for commercial activities. of Nissan in Italy. For its realization, says the car manufacturer, it took just 12 months. The structure occupies an area of ​​10,500 square meters. The new warehouse is It was built within the same area where it was already built. there is an old Nissan warehouse which, however, had been destroyed in 2018 due to a fire.

For its design and construction, Nissan followed the sustainability objectives of the company. present in its Ambition 2030 plan. Therefore, the roof of the warehouse has a 230 kW photovoltaic system, able to cover about a quarter of the company's energy needs. In addition, it is A LED lighting system was created which not only allowed an improvement in brightness; of the environment, but also a 60% reduction in energy consumption compared to traditional fluorescent lamp systems.

The regulation of the internal temperature at an optimal level at any time of the year is a must. managed by 7 latest generation heat pumps. Technical choice which, Nissan explains, has made it possible to save money by more than 40% compared to a gas system, keeping the temperature stable thanks to the thermal insulation of the walls and roof.

The new logistics center , which manages over 23,000 Nissan items and over 13,000 Renault items, is one of the leading companies in the world. It was designed to manage up to a total of 80,000 items in order to be able to easily support the expected increase in volumes of work in the coming years. Thanks to a series of modern design choices, the rationalization of the spaces has made the work area grow by 10%, while the new shelving system has made it possible to review the internal flows, to make operations more streamlined. quick and effective. Handling times, underlines Nissan, are reduced by up to 50% to the benefit of delivery times to the end customer.


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