Volkswagen Group: already? 15,000 HPC charging points installed worldwide


The Volkswagen Group, in collaboration with some partners, is carrying out various projects for the creation of a capillary high-power recharging network in the world that allows electric cars to be able to fill up with energy in a short time. The German Group has now taken stock of the work carried out up to now. Apparently, I'm already there. around 15,000 charging points have been installed worldwide. Therefore, Volkswagen is; at a good point in his project to get to install and make available to all 45,000 high-power charging points (HPC) by 2025: 18,000 in Europe, 10,000 in North America and 17,000 in China.

Very ambitious plan which by the end of 2023 calls for approximately 10,000 HPC charging points are operational in Europe and 25,000 worldwide.


A project that is a major project in the world. carried out, as mentioned at the beginning, with some partners. As far as Europe is concerned, charging points are being installed partly with the help of IONITY, a joint venture that also involves some brands of the German group. A work carried out also thanks to Ewiva, a joint venture in Italy with Enel X Way, a company of the Enel Group.

Volkswagen is also installing fast charging points in cooperation with BP and Iberdrola. With BP, the Group plans to install around 8,000 fast charging points. This network is also equipped with Flexpole fast charging stations manufactured by Volkswagen Components. The Group is working with Iberdrola to equip the main road arteries in Spain with HPC charging points.

In the United States, the expansion of the electricity infrastructure of the Group is supervised by Electrify America. In China, this job is a common practice. carried out by the CAMS joint venture. For the German group, such a project is not an option. aimed only at the development of mobility; electric. Indeed, for Volkswagen it is; also a new business area to be developed. For example, among other things, the company has created a product range that covers all aspects of charging solutions for private customers ​​and companies: from wallboxes to fast charging stations.

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