The Norwegian Sports Confederation rages against Russians being allowed to participate in the Olympics


Published 26 January 2023 at 19.42

Domestic. The International Olympic Committee, IOC opens up for Russians and Belarusians to be able to compete in the upcoming Olympics under a neutral flag. This is an “unfortunate and untimely statement”, according to the Swedish National Sports Confederation.

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– It is deeply unfortunate and untimely at a time when we need to continue to show our solidarity with Ukraine, says Björn Eriksson, chairman of the Swedish Sports Confederation, in a press release.

The Nordic Olympic Committees , the Paralympic committees and national sports federations agreed in the fall of 2022 to call on all international sports organizations to continue to exclude Russian and Belarusian athletes and officials.

– We see no reason to change our position. That the IOC now opens up to Russians and Belarusians [Belarusians, eds. Note] should be able to participate in the 2024 Olympics shows that various forces outside the IOC want to bring about a change. There are reasons to believe that the last word has not been said on this matter.

However, the National Sports Confederation will not call on sports or athletes to boycott.

– No, not a boycott as it sees it out now. Should the UN and/or the EU introduce binding boycotts against Russia and Belarus that include the sports field, we will follow them in accordance with the National Sports Confederation's guidelines, says Björn Eriksson.