The government's new measures against criminals


Published 26 January 2023 at 18.52

Domestic. During a press conference on Thursday, the government presented four innovations to combat crime. The cooperation is based on the Tidö agreement with the Sweden Democrats.

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The four news that were presented were as follows:

1. New privacy rule to fight crime
A new main rule is to be introduced in the privacy legislation, which means that authorities must share information with law enforcement authorities when necessary to fight and prevent crime. To ensure that the information can be exchanged effectively, the investigation must also submit proposals on how information can be exchanged electronically. The government will therefore today decide on additional directives to the investigation Improved opportunities to exchange information with law enforcement authorities (Ju 2022:03), with the same deadline for reporting as before, 31 October 2023.

2. Increased penalties for crimes in criminal networks
The government decided today on a bill with proposals for tougher punishments for violent gang confrontations, as well as increased punishments for several crimes that are common in the criminal environment, for example grossly illegal threats, robbery, and drug sales. The bill also proposes that the presumption of detention on suspicion of crime be lowered from a minimum sentence of 2 years to a minimum sentence of 1.5 years, which affects, among other things, serious assault and robbery. This means that more people will be detained. The government also proposes a new penalty provision on the involvement of young people in criminal activities.

3. Improved measures when children are suspected of crimes
The government also decided today on a legal council referral which, among other things, contains proposals that courts should in more cases examine whether a child under the age of 15 has committed a crime. It must also be possible for victims of crime to receive legal support when the suspect is under 15 years of age. The government also proposes that more crimes in which children under the age of 15 are suspected should be investigated by the police.

4. Expanded opportunities for preventive coercive measures
The investigation into preventive coercive measures will receive additional directives which mean that they must submit proposals for expanded opportunities to use preventive coercive measures to prevent and detect criminal activity in, among other things, criminal networks. It is about law enforcement authorities having the ability to retrieve information about messages in real time, not just after the fact.