PM Nilsson quits after eel scandal


Published 26 January 2023 at 21.05

Domestic. PM Nilsson leaves the job as state secretary to Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson (M). He announces this on Facebook.

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The announcement comes after it was revealed that PM Nilsson caught eels without a permit.

He apologizes for this and points out that the fine has been paid. But he also understands that it could be seen as inappropriate for a Secretary of State to be involved in such an incident.

“I understand how inappropriate it was to fish eel without a permit and not tell the authorities as it was – even if I then called the police back and admitted that I picked up 15 fish. I also understand the inappropriateness of the state secretary's role being involved in these types of stories. Sweden is in a vulnerable position.”

He has through the media have already found out that he is also reported for violating the species protection ordinance, a piece of legislation that is supposed to prevent trade in protected species.

“I myself do not know what the report is about or even if I am the subject for the investigation – I don't get that information from the police. I also don't get to know if they write off the report. But the report is now being discussed in the media and in party political posts. All in all, the situation makes it difficult for me to do a good job,” he writes.

PM Nilsson concludes:

“Me would like to thank Ulf Kristersson for his trust, his warm leadership and cheerful mood. He has a great staff that was fun to work with. I have learned a great deal in an admittedly too short but very intense time.”