Paludan again burned the Koran at the Turkish embassy


Published 27 January 2023 at 15.58

Foreign. Danish Islam critic Rasmus Paludan burned a Koran outside the Turkish embassy in Copenhagen on Friday.

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The incident occurred after Paludan recently set fire to another copy of Islam's holy book at the Turkish embassy in Stockholm, creating an international crisis.

– I will burn a Koran in front of it the Turkish embassy in Copenhagen every Friday until Sweden is admitted to NATO, Paludan told Aftonbladet on Thursday.

According to Reuters, the Turkish foreign minister should have already summoned the Danish ambassador in the country before today's event.

In Denmark, the right to demonstrate is enshrined in the constitution and no permission from the police is required to do so, but you must inform the police that a demonstration is to take place. The police also have the right to move or dissolve demonstrations if the situation requires it.