Audi activesphere, here is the new electric concept for adventure lovers


Audi activesphere is supported. a new electric concept car with which the house with the 4 rings tells its idea of ​​mobility; premiums of the future. It is the latest member of a family of concepts that the German manufacturer had presented since 2021. After the Audi skysphere and Audi grandsphere roadsters, presented in 2021, and the Audi urbansphere concept, unveiled in April 2022, it makes its debut, now, what the house of the 4 rings describes as a crossover coupé extremely versatile, a “perfect companion for daring outdoor adventures”.

A car that in a few seconds can; also be transformed into a sort of pickup to be able to transport small objects, sports equipment or bikes. In addition, it has electric quattro all-wheel drive and adaptive air suspension to be able to tackle any type of route.

There is also no shortage of features; self-driving Level 4 to be able to travel on the road in maximum relaxation. By activating them, the steering wheel disappears and the driver will be able to use them. engage in other activities; on board the vehicle. Audi activesphere also introduces the system called Audi Dimension, capable of combining the physical world and the virtual world, so as to create to be displayed in real time digital content integrated in the field of vision of the occupants.

The concept car is; was designed at the Audi Design Studio in Malibù and it will be exhibited in world preview to the public on February 5 in Cortina d'Ampezzo.


The Audi activesphere concept is based on the new PPE platform developed by the German brand in collaboration with Porsche. Platform that we will find in several new future electric models of the house of the 4 rings. This car measures4.98 meters long x 2.07 meters wide x 1.60 meters high, with a wheelbase of 2.97 metres. Such a model can count on 22-inch rims with 285/55 tires designed to be used off-road as well. Particularity, the rims have mobile segments.

When the car travels off-road, they open to improve ventilation of the braking system. On the road, however, they close to improve the aerodynamics of the car. The large interior and the steeply sloping roof arc give the car sporty proportions. The generously shaped wheel arches, on the other hand, underline the presence of the electric quattro all-wheel drive and the potential for driving. of the off-road vehicle.

Ground clearance may vary. be increased or reduced by 40 mm to be able to face any type of route. The angle of attack of the Audi activesphere is: of 18.9 degrees, while the exit angle is 18.9 degrees. of 28.1 degrees. The variable ground clearance, explains Audi, is a reference to the A6 allroad quattro range, characterized by adaptive air suspension and an all-terrain look since the first generation.

On the front of the concept we find the Audi singleframe made of transparent glass. This choice allows passengers to be able to see in front of the car directly from inside the passenger compartment. The daytime running lights and taillights use ultra-thin microLEDs. The concept is; it is also equipped with a large panoramic glass roof that allows you to enhance the interior space of the passenger compartment.

The rear part is; very particular as you can; "open", making available to people a small loading surface where it is possible to it is possible to accommodate up to 2 eBikes.

In fact, if the driver so wishes, the rear window slides lengthwise, overlapping the glass roof, while the lower section of the tailgate folds down similar to the side of a pickup, opening up a load space known as the “active back”. Furthermore, as in many concept cars, the new Audi activesphere also has rear doors that open against the wind. At the heart of the roof structure is the roof. integrated a retractable ski rack, which can be pulled out if necessary.

As with the other concepts, Audi has paid close attention to the interior which can accommodate up to 4 passengers. Cabin that features a minimalist design with the surfaces of the seats and door panels in lava red contrasting with the black tint of the other elements of the cabin. The seats are made up of three enveloping shells, one for each structural element: cushion, side panels and backrest.

As mentioned at the outset, the interior adapts according to the mode of operation. of driving used. By enabling autonomous driving, the steering wheel and pedals disappear. On the central console it is There is a large compartment where you can store various items. The MMI’s touchless satellite, positioned along the door panels, is the perfect solution for your home. controllable using gesture commands or, with active autonomous driving, thanks to the combination of gaze detection and gesture input. The console is partially replicated on the roof, where it houses four AR viewers.

In fact, one of the most important aspects of the interesting aspects of the concept & egrave; the availability of of the “Audi dimension” technology. The heart of the system, which combines the physical world and the virtual world giving life to mixed reality, are the special viewers for reality; augmented reality that superimpose 3D digital content on the physical world.

In detail, the system brings displays and touch surfaces, not perceptible to the naked eye, into the driver's field of vision. How does it work? The user can viewing the virtual content and focusing on it signals your interest to the system. At that point, the system will display the . more information detailed.

Information content thus becomes; elements capable of reacting to gestural commands. The driver's hand, for example, can follow the line of sight to scroll through the car's functions, while the user interface (i.e. the virtual display generated by the headset) reacts to gestures like a conventional screen. In addition, virtual controls, such as the digital replica of the satellites on the doors, adaptively position themselves in space, favoring interaction with the driver.

Thanks to the possibility; To manage the car through this system, the designers were given greater freedom to design the car. stylistic in creating the passenger compartment since the design is not; more subject to the presence of keys and instruments on board. The potentials of the Audi Dimension system go beyond simple management of vehicle functions. For example, Audi says that in mode; off-road is; You can overlay 3D topography onto the real landscape displaying navigation and destination information.

Passengers can also take advantage of the Audi Dimension by accessing personalised content. Indeed, they can prepare the activities for the students. to carry out once at your destination, manage the air conditioning, browse a selection of music tracks or, again, project virtual displays along the dashboard and console to access content on the Internet.


The house of the 4 rings has also provided some technical details on the powertrain of the concept car. Therefore, Audi activesphere can; count on two electric motors for a total power of 325 kW with 720 Nm of torque. The traction, as already said, it is whole wheat. The whole is powered by a 100 kWh battery capable of a range of 600 km.

< img src="/wp-content/uploads/e7796518548b03ea6795d18773a4df30.jpg" />

Thanks to the 800 V architecture, it is possible to use the 800 V architecture. It is possible to recharge at very high power (up to 270 kW) in direct current. Audi lets it be known that in less than 25 minutes it is possible to complete the project. possible to go from 5 to 80%. In 10 minutes you can recover more; of 300 km of autonomy.

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