16 gang criminals arrested in one day


Published 27 January 2023 at 16.36

Domestic. In the last 24 hours, the police have arrested 16 people in various places in the county linked to the recent serious violent crime in the region. The police have also seized weapons and explosives linked to the conflict environment.

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Since Christmas Day, a series of serious crimes have occurred in Stockholm County and the level of conflict in the criminal environment is at a record high.

During the past 24 hours, the police in the Stockholm region have arrested a total of 16 people in various locations in the region, several of them can be linked to recent violent crimes. Among those deprived of liberty are several minors who escaped from LVU accommodation.

The police have also seized several weapons and explosives.

– We are in an intense phase right now. We are very close to the criminal individuals in the environment and assess that in the last 24 hours, but also in the past, we have been able to arrest several people who have been about to commit serious violent crimes, says Hanna Paradis, commanding officer for the special incident that handles the recent serious crime in the Stockholm region, on the police's website.

The arrested are suspected of criminal classifications such as murder and preparation for murder, public dangerous devastation, serious weapons offenses and drug offences. The police in the Stockholm region work closely together with other regions and recently other police regions have intervened against crimes committed in Stockholm.

A large number of police employees from all over Sweden are now involved in the work in Stockholm County with several ongoing investigations as well as are out on the streets and squares to prevent new crimes and increase safety.

– The reinforcement we have received is of great help in the strained situation we are in. We are working aggressively to break the trend of violence. The operations and arrests mean extensive work for our investigative staff in several parts, while we have a large resource out there who are doing their utmost to prevent more serious crimes, says Hanna Paradis.