Tesla, will the production of the Cybertruck start? in summer. Record turnover in Q4 2022


During the presentation of financial data for the fourth quarter of 2022 and the full year 2022, Tesla also spoke about other topics concerning his future. In particular, Elon Musk provided an update on the development of the Cybertruck. Apparently, production will start after a few months. next summer. However, initially it will be a matter of course. of low-volume production. For that of mass, it will be necessary; wait until 2024.

So, the first units should be available by the end of the year. of the new and awaited electric pickup. However, meeting the long waiting list will take time. a long time since the production will go; fully operational only next year.

We expect production to start this summer, but I've always minimized the start of production because it's too late. the start of production is always very slow.

Also, apparently, the Cybertruk will be able to run faster. count on the new "Hardware 4", a new and more high-performance computer that will go; manage the advanced features; of assisted driving. All that remains is to wait for further news. to understand if really the first units – of the electric pickup will be on the road before the end of the year.


Moving on to economic data, in the fourth quarter of 2022 Tesla achieved revenues of $24.32 billion. This is a 37% increase over the same period in 2021.

Net income (GAAP) is was $3.687 billion (non-GAAP of $4.106 billion). Earnings per share is was $1.07 (GAAP) and $1.19 non-GAAP. Automotive gross margin remains stable at 25.9%. From the sale of green credits, the company – Elon Musk earned $467 million.

Overall, for the full year 2022, Tesla earned revenues of $81.462 billion , equal to an increase of 51% compared to 2021. The significant increase in sales of electric cars also contributes to this growth. In 2022, in fact, over 1.3 million vehicles were delivered equal to a 40% increase compared to 2021.

The fourth quarter of 2022 is expected. It was another record-breaking quarter, and 2022 was the year. It was another record year. In the most recent quarter, we achieved the highest quarterly revenue, operating income and net income ever. all-time high in our history.

Tesla, however, warned that pressures created by economic uncertainties and interest rates threaten to weaken demand.

The Tesla team is one of the best. accustomed to challenges, given the culture needed to get the company to where it is today. In the near term, we are accelerating our cost reduction roadmap and moving towards higher production rates.

As for the future, Tesla expects to ramp up production as soon as possible. as quickly as possible, with an estimated 1.8 million vehicles planned for 2023, and says it has liquidity available. enough to fund its upcoming product development, long-term expansion projects, and other expenses.

The next major event will be; on March 1, when the event will take place. the Investor Day which will discuss, among other things, the platform for next-generation cars.

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