Porsche Vision 357, a concept that pays homage to the 75th anniversary of the 356


Porsche Vision 357 is a brand new Porsche Vision 357. a concept car that the German car manufacturer wanted to create to pay homage to the 356 Roadster which can; be regarded as its first model series. 75 years later, the manufacturer has decided to celebrate this anniversary with this new concept inspired by the car of the past. Michael Mauer, Vice President Style Porsche, commented:

We created a very special birthday present with the Porsche Vision 357, which uses the 356 as a basis to emphasize the importance of our design DNA.


The manager of the German manufacturer then added that this concept is an integral part of the project. an attempt to combine past, present and future. The result is a model with proportions that recall the car of the past but with elements that recall the future of the brand.

The technical base is; that of the 718 Cayman GT4 RS. Therefore, we find a 4-litre naturally aspirated six-cylinder boxer engine capable of delivering 368 kW (500 HP). Engine which, in this case, is powered by e-fuel. Starting from this base, the Style Porsche Team has created a car that has clear references to the 356 Roadster starting from the short wheelbase and the wraparound windshield. At the rear we find a "grid" within which is the third brake light is present, another reference to the model of the past.

The circular design of the headlights is also a good idea. a precise reference to the 356. There are also parallels in the paintwork. The Ice Gray and Grivola Gray shades, both metallic, were already available. popular in the 50s. The rims are 20 inches and are made of magnesium. In addition, they are equipped with carbon fiber hubcaps. To improve aerodynamics, cameras have been used instead of mirrors. The concept also focuses on sustainability. To make some parts of the bodywork, it is necessary to Reinforced plastic with natural fibers was used, including those derived from flax.

The Porsche Vision 357 concept car will be; exhibited at the Drive Forum in Berlin on the occasion of the exhibition dedicated to 75 years of Porsche. The exhibition will be open to the public from 27 January 2023 until mid-week. of February. After this exhibition, the concept will be; exhibited during 2023 in other international events where Porsche will be; present.

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