Muslim boycott against Sweden does not apply to immigration


Published 26 January 2023 at 06:24

Domestic. The Al Azhar University in Egypt has issued a boycott against Sweden after the country allowed Rasmus Paludan to burn a Koran. Trade with the country should be banned – but on the other hand it is still possible to immigrate to Sweden for those who are Muslim.

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Egypt's government has called for calm and called on all parties “to uphold the common denominators of tolerance, acceptance of the other and peaceful coexistence between peoples, and to reject incitement to incitement and hatred, and to stop acts of violence, sabotage and provocative actions that would damage the stability, security and peace of societies” after the weekend's Koran chaos.

The powerful Sunni Muslim university Al-Azhar condemned Sweden and said that “intrusion into religious sanctities is not a matter of freedom of expression, but rather, it is uncivilized and barbaric behavior by apostates that disregards human values ​​and takes human behavior back to the dark ages”.

“Apostates” will not be deterred by anything other than “material, monetary and economic challenges”, explains the university. “It is the only language they understand”.

That is why the university is now demanding that Muslims worldwide boycott Sweden.

The Swedish government is concerned and on Tuesday Foreign Minister Tobias Billström (M ) because the Koran incident can cause problems for Swedish export companies.

– It is serious if the image of Sweden leads to Swedish companies' opportunities being affected in a negative direction, he said then.

On the other hand, the the flourishing immigration industry in Sweden is not to be affected.

The university says nothing that Muslims should avoid traveling to Sweden in order to be a burden on society, but only talks about a ban on trade with the country.