Gas stations, called off on the second day of the strike


The gas station strike, which had caused much discussion in recent days, will end in 2016. today and not tomorrow. Fegica and Figisc Confcommercio communicated that they canceled the second day of the strike. Therefore, these trade associations have decided to align themselves with Faib Confesercenti which is already active in the sector. yesterday evening he announced that he had reduced the strike to just one day.

The decision to reduce the protest to 24 hours was a major one. arrived in the afternoon after yet another meeting with the Government. Fegica and Figisc Confcommerciolet it be known that they have canceled the second day of the strike in favor of motorists and certainly not the government. clear: left;”>

So, when will it clear? exactly the strike? It will conclude at 7pm on the ordinary network and at 10pm on the motorways. However, despite the decision to end the protest today, the mobilization continues. Fegica and Figisc Confcommercio point out that while acknowledging that they have been able to discuss constructively with the ministry that was held; spent on becoming a proactive interlocutor, the meeting confirmed the persistence of many critical issues.

Even this last umpteenth attempt to remedy a by now worn-out situation is not an option. managed to highlight any concrete element that could even allow to imagine interventions on the very serious problems of the sector and on structural price containment. The proposed amendments made by the Government to its own decree do not remove the manifest intention of identifying petrol station attendants as the recipients of confusing, counterproductive as well as clearly accusing obligations.

It now seems clear that any attempt to advise the government on reasonableness and concreteness cannot be done. or does not want to be picked up. For this reason, even insisting on continuing the strike action, used to get a hearing from the Government, has no longer any reason to be able to do so. no reason to be. All the more that one of the fundamental objectives, namely to restore the truth is after the false and decomposed accusations against a category of workers, it is; been abundantly achieved. Italian citizens have understood perfectly.

It is, therefore, to them, to the citizens that the petrol station attendants are addressing, certainly not to the Government, revoking the second day of the strike already after the end of the strike. proclaimed, eliminating any possible further inconvenience, at this point completely useless. The vending machines will therefore reopen as soon as possible. from this evening. At this point the confrontation moves to Parliament where the petrol stations have already launched a series of meetings with all parliamentary groups to the text of the so-called transparency decree collects the necessary changes during conversion.

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