Facebook and Instagram: Meta unlocks Donald Trump's accounts again


As announced by Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, the company is reactivating Donald Trump's accounts on its social networks, following Twitter's decision to close the accounts of Donald Trump former US presidents in November 2022.

Meta also releases the blocks on Trump accounts

After Twitter unblocked Donald Trump's accounts last November, after around 52 percent of the more than 15 million Twitter users who took part in a 24-hour poll initiated by Elon Musk said they wanted the former US President unblocked. President had pronounced, the meta group is now following suit and opening the door for a comeback of the entrepreneur and politician on all of its social platforms.

>No danger to public safety

A panel had previously come to the conclusion that there was no longer a “risk to public safety” as it existed in January 2021, according to Nick Clegg, a former British politician and now the Facebook parent company's political chief.

The ban was an extraordinary decision under extraordinary circumstances.

Nick Clegg, Meta Platforms Policy Director

Donald Trump himself has already reacted personally to Meta's decision on his in-house social media platform Truth Social, which he founded in 2021 and is a Twitter clone that is used in particular by Trump supporters .

Things like this should never happen again to a sitting President, or anyone else who doesn't deserve retribution.

Donald Trump

Meta, on the other hand, emphasized in its detailed press release that Donald Trump would have to adhere to the applicable community standards of the platform in the future, otherwise he would again face bans of 6 to 24 months.< /p>

  • We will be ending the suspension of Mr. Trump's Facebook and Instagram accounts in the coming weeks .
  • We've put new guardrails in place to deter repeat offenses.
  • The public should be able to hear what politicians are saying so they can make informed choices.

Meta Platforms

Donald Trump himself has already announced several times that he intends to focus on his own platform in the future and has not published any more tweets via the short message service controlled by Elon Musk, even after his Twitter account was activated.

Trump's last tweet is still dated January 8, 2021.

Lockdowns followed the Capitol storming

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter had Donald Trump's accounts suspended after he expressed sympathy for his supporters who violently stormed the Capitol in Washington on January 6.

All of Donald Trump's social media accounts have been on hold since January 7 and January 8, 2021 respectively. Trump's official Twitch account has been suspended since June 2020 after it streamed an older campaign event in which he used “hateful speech”.