Do you already see this Reality Pro headset on your head?


Apple is working on a mixed reality headset, which could be called Reality Pro. This concept shows what such a headset can look like. Gonny van der Zwaag | – 26 January 2023, 8:35 whatsappfacebooktwittertelegramlinkedinmailprint

Reality Pro concept

The concept was created by 3D artist Ahmed Chenni from Algeria, as part of a competition. The competition was organized by, which connects freelancers with clients. Designers can put their skills in the spotlight here and that is exactly what Ahmed did: his concept of Reality Pro glasses won with flying colours. According to the organizer it is “a world class design” and “truly outstanding 3D design”.

Whether you consider this the ultimate design for such a headset, or more like ski goggles with the AirPods Max headband mounted on it, is a personal matter. But the fact is that many designers were interested in designing such a headset. All entries can be admired on the website, and it is striking how absurd some of them are. There are solutions that are reminiscent of WALL-E, while there are also designers who simply glued an iPhone to a headset. There are headsets that look like glasses cases mounted on Grace Jones' head and stock photos that simply have an Apple logo stuck on them. With 4 out of 5 stars, Chenni's entry is perhaps the least bad.

The man says he has based himself on the information that has been leaked so far. Chenni seems to have been inspired by drawings that The Information released back in 2021 and that have already been etched into our retinas. It is striking that a lot of details about the glasses have already been leaked, but that there is still little to say about the appearance. There would be three high-res displays, one of which is external. In terms of performance, the chip is in line with the Apple M2 and it contains various sensors for detecting hand movements, facial expressions and the environment.

If you put the Reality Pro headset on your head, you can expect an interface similar to the iPhone, but in a 3D environment. You can join virtual encounters, where each person is realistically depicted. You can also play VR games, watch a movie in a virtual theater, consult your agenda and visit websites. The headset can switch between VR and AR, where you may or may not be in a completely virtual world. When you enable AR, you can still see your real environment.

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Leaked: “How to operate Apple's Reality Pro headset (and you can do this with it)'

All sorts of details have been leaked from Apple's upcoming mixed reality headset. According to a reliable source, you operate it with eye and hand tracking and the operating system looks like the home screen of your iPhone and iPad. You can even use it as an external display for your Mac.

You attach the battery to your pants, so that the headset itself is as light as possible. Despite the hefty size, this battery would only last 2 hours. Apple is said to be unveiling the headset this spring, priced around $3,000 for a prototype-like device aimed primarily at developers and the digital vanguard. We can expect cheaper options in 2024 or 2025.