Arab University opened in Angered


Published 26 January 2023 at 08.27

Domestic. The Arabic university Swedish Crown University opens in Angered in Gothenburg. The university is located in a small single-family villa where two people are registered, according to the site Doku.

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According to the website, this is a university that will spread Arab-Islamic culture and more.

Swedish Crown University is a limited company that was registered in 2021, according to Doku. The rector, Nada Alobedi, owns all the shares.

The website describes preparatory university studies, bachelor's degrees, master's degrees and doctoral degrees.

In addition to this, there is applied vocational training and scholarships for doctoral students. There is also a language training center that offers general and vocational courses and trains teachers in Arabic, Swedish, English, Spanish, French and Turkish, among others.

In several Arabic-language ads on Facebook, the public is invited to apply for admission to the spring semester 2023.

In order to apply, you must pay an application fee of US$200.

If you wish to supplement your original subject choice with additional subjects, you must pay a fee of approximately US$120 per subject.

Denmark used to have several fake universities that targeted students in the Arab world. Particular attention was paid to the “Aalborg Academy of Science”, which did not really exist but was in fact a pizzeria, writes Doku.