The government is investing heavily in anti-Semitism


Published 25 January 2023 at 18.56

Domestic. The government intends to decide that the Holocaust Authority Forum for Living History will receive additional tax funds for “its ongoing mission of raising awareness against anti-Semitism”.

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According to the government, among other things, the authority will have better opportunities to reach out to more people, above all to teachers, principals and other actors who have an important role in countering anti-Semitism among children and young people.

Representatives of Jewish civil society and other organizations have highlighted that “knowledge of anti-Semitism and its various expressions in history and today needs to increase, not least in schools”, according to the government.

– Anti-Semitism has no place in our society. Now the government is strengthening the work against anti-Semitism through additional support for knowledge-raising measures, says Gender Equality and Deputy Labor Market Minister Paulina Brandberg (L) in a press release.

– Teachers express that they lack the knowledge to deal with the anti-Semitism that the school children and young people are exposed to. With its support, the government therefore wants to increase this knowledge, give teachers the necessary tools and put an end to anti-Semitism in school corridors, says Minister of Education Mats Persson (L).

The government's decision will mean that the Forum for Living History work with the mission to implement knowledge-raising efforts against antisemitism is strengthened by the Holocaust Authority receiving SEK 900,000 for the work in 2023. The mission is to be finalized in March 2025.

Forum for living history is to collaborate with the Segerstedt Institute at the University of Gothenburg, conduct a dialogue with Swedish the Committee against Anti-Semitism (SKMA) and gather knowledge and experience from other relevant authorities and actors.