Still “in principle impossible” to deport criminal Afghans, Arabs, Africans


Published 25 January 2023 at 11.57

Domestic. The border police believe that in the future it will also be “extremely difficult” to carry out deportations of foreign citizens from the third world who have been convicted of crimes. This despite stricter legislation and the government's Tidö agreement.

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– Even with the new legislation, it will continue to be extremely difficult to deport people to about ten countries in the world with which Sweden has bad diplomatic relations, says Göran Andersson of the border police to SVT Nyheter.

According to SVT, it is “in principle impossible” to deport convicted criminals to countries such as Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria, Iran, Palestine, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Sudan.

Previously, at least one year was required on the penalty scale so that the criminal immigrant could be deported, but now six months' imprisonment applies. The number of convicted criminals who are deported from Sweden is expected to increase by roughly 200 people per year with the new law change from last autumn.

The new government has “set up an investigation” to see if it is possible to deport more people with ” lack of conduct”. It could, for example, be about abuse, prostitution or association with criminal networks, writes SVT.