Prosecutors considered criminal investigation Säpo for late reporting against Johansson's wife


Published 25 January 2023 at 08.31

Domestic. Prosecutor Nicklas Englund considered opening a criminal investigation against Säpo because the authority waited four and a half years – until after the election – to report then-Justice Minister Morgan Johansson's (S) wife for data breaches, Samnytt writes.

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Englund, who is the chief prosecutor at the special prosecution chamber and responsible for the prosecution against Johansson's wife, says in an interview with the news site that it is not normal to delay reporting suspicions until they have almost expired, which happened in this case.

– I have reflected on it and thought why it is so old. Is there anything criminal about it being so old? Then I and an experienced colleague have come to the conclusion that it is something that we will not be able to proceed with in such cases, says Englund in the interview.

Even if a crime had been committed, he does not believe that it would have been possible to get someone convicted for that, which is why the matter was not investigated further.

– My mission is to initiate a preliminary investigation into crimes that I think I can proceed with, says Nicklas Englund to Samnytt.