Magdalena Andersson on the NATO fiasco: “Not optimal”


Published 25 January 2023 at 06.03

Domestic. Social Democrats party leader Magdalena Andersson calls on the government to keep a cool head when it comes to discussions about Sweden's application to NATO. However, she criticizes Kristersson's and Åkesson's “war of words” about the membership.

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The relationship between Sweden and Turkey has taken a serious hit after a doll of President Erdogan was hung in Stockholm and a Koran was burned at the Turkish embassy.

Now the Social Democrats are criticizing the government's handling of the application.

– That Ulf Kristersson and Jimmie Åkesson have a war of words is perhaps not optimal, says S leader Magdalena Andersson to SVT.

She believes that it is important that the government carefully considers what measures and steps to take.

She also urges Ulf Kristersson to “think through whether SD is the right party to lean on in this situation”. Understood that S and M should cooperate to get the country into NATO.

Magdalena Andersson has also said that Ulf Kristersson's statement that the doll was a “sabotage” against Sweden's NATO application could have unwanted effects and that it can inspire groups to further actions.

According to Andersson, Sweden lives up to all the formal criteria for NATO membership. She also believes that the government is working in accordance with the agreement concluded with Finland and Turkey this summer.