Heavy Muslims call for a boycott against Sweden


Published 25 January 2023 at 16.33

Foreign. Al-Azhar University in Egypt, which is the highest institution of learning for Sunni Muslims, is calling for a boycott of Swedish goods after Rasmus Paludan's Koran burning this weekend. This is reported by SVT Nyheter.

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The incident took place outside the Turkish embassy in Stockholm last Saturday and has had extensive consequences, not least in Muslim countries where large protests have taken place.

Turkey has also announced that an approval of Sweden's application to become a member of NATO is no longer relevant after the Koran burning.

The call from al-Azhar University could lead to major economic consequences if millions of people start boycotting Swedish goods, according to SVT's Middle East correspondent Samir Abu Eid. He points out that the university is the most important and heaviest institution within Sunni Islam and if countries feel that this is something that the population reacts strongly to, it can grow even more.

The incident has also led to criticism of Sweden's government. Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson (M) has distanced himself from the burning of the Koran, while SD directed strong criticism against the lynching of Erdogan and other Muslims.

Al-Azhar University already condemned the Koran burnings that were followed by violent Muslim riots in several Swedish cities last spring. .