Ford could sell the Focus plant to BYD


More and more; Chinese automakers are entering the European market. Expansion plans that could also include car production in the Old Continent in the future. Among the Chinese builders with the fastest growth plans; ambitious for the European market there is; BYDwhich recently announced the launch of the marketing of some of its electric models in a number of countries on the Old Continent.

Now, it seems that BYD can take its strategy one step further , aiming to purchase a factory in Europe. In fact, a report in the Wall Street Journal states that the Chinese manufacturer would have targeted the Ford plant in Saarlouis, Germany.

In this factory, Ford will finish ; production of the Focus in 2025. The future of this establishment is not in sight. still clear and for a while; of time there is talk of a possible sale. In this way the future of the 4,600 workers currently engaged in the site could be safeguarded. the house in the blue oval would be evaluating the interest of about 15 potential investors, including some automakers. Among these there would be BYD. Already; in the past there was talk of the possibility; that the Chinese brand could decide to produce its cars in Europe as well. According to the report, Ford executives plan to travel to China shortly to discuss the potential deal with officials at the Chinese automaker. The talks would still be at a preliminary stage and it is not now possible. said that the two car manufacturers can reach an agreement.

More details on the fate of the Ford plant are sure to come soon. A decision, in fact, could already be made in advance. over the next few months.

The sale of the Saarlouis plant in Germany is part of a reorganization plan by Ford in the Old Continent. Plan that will take him “ progressively to become an electric-only brand. For BYD who already; builds electric buses in Hungary, the possible purchase of the factory could represent an important acceleration of its growth strategy in the automotive sector in the Old Continent.

Among other companies in the automotive sector with which Ford is reportedly talking there is; also Magna International, a well-known contract manufacturer that builds models for car manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes and Fisker.


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