CB Radio Podcast E4S23: How legitimate is old hardware with a new name?


In the 4th episode of CB Funk des Jahres 2023, Jan and Fabian close the sack with the defective RDNA 2 GPUs and address the topic of “rebranding” using the Core i5 as an example -13400F and Ryzen 7000 Mobile. Further topics: The Core i9-13900KS as well as current curiosities from the hardware world and the community.

CB radio – the fourth episode< /h2>

This time, the two editors Jan and Fabian take the test of the Intel Core i5-13400F and the presentation of AMD Ryzen 7000 Mobile as an opportunity to talk about old hardware with a new name: Is it absurd or is it actually absolutely justifiable if the price is right?< /p>

The Core i9-13900KS is also a topic, which is the first x86 CPU to have a clock speed of 6 GHz ex works, but in the end has hardly any practical advantages over the i9-13900K (test ) for an additional charge of 170 euros, as a look at the test, which is still in progress, reveals. And then there's ketchup, potatoes and sliced ​​cheese – but not with raclette, but as “thermal paste” on the GPU chip.

But before we get started with the new hardware issues, let's take a look at RDNA 2 and RDNA 3 again. In the first case, the story about an alleged driver problem comes to an end and in the second case, speculation about fundamental problems with the new ones Graphic architecture reheated. We hope you enjoy listening!

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