Andersson broke the rules – urged students not to join the Ungsvenskarna


Published 25 January 2023 at 15.26

Domestic. A Member of Parliament from the Liberals criticizes former Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson for her actions during a visit by a school class to Parliament. She urged the students not to join SD's youth association Ungsvenskarna.

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The former prime minister's recommendation to the young people violates the recommendation of the Riksdag administration on how to behave during school visits, writes Expressen.

Riksdag member Jakob Olofsgård (L) guided the ninth graders around the Riksdag with the aim of spread knowledge about democracy and the members' work.

But during the visit, former Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson (S) passed the school class and talked to the students about the importance of getting involved in democracy and youth unions. However, she advised the students against becoming members of SD's youth association, Ungsvenskarna.

Jakob Olofsgård says that he was saddened by Magdalena Andersson's actions and that it “knotted in his stomach”, writes Expressen.< /p>

– I was ashamed that a colleague in the Riksdag acted in this way and I was sincerely sorry. For a minute she talked about not getting involved in SD. Then she pointed at me and said that the Liberals have chosen to cooperate with SD. The subpoena was printed and then Magdalena Andersson left, he tells Expressen.

Olofsgård believes that it is not appropriate for a member of the Riksdag to attack someone else's politics in front of schoolchildren.

Other members of the Riksdag has also expressed criticism of Magdalena Andersson's actions, and believes that it is important that the recommendations of the Riksdag administration are followed when visiting schools. They believe that it is important that schoolchildren have the opportunity to get an objective view of politics and that it should not be a place for members of parliament to highlight their own politics.

The matter is still under investigation and it remains to be seen what will happen to Magdalena Andersson and how the Riksdag administration will handle the situation, according to Expressen.