The government must discourage immigrants with an international campaign


Published 24 January 2023 at 15.49

Domestic. The government has today presented an international information campaign to spread information about its “paradigm shift in migration policy”. The aim is to discourage more immigrants from coming to the Nordic country.

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– It's about giving an account of exactly what Swedish migration policy looks like and will look like, said Migration Minister Maria Malmer Stenergard (M) at a press conference on Tuesday.

The campaign will contain information packages to foreign authorities, targeted communication to foreign media, translated information on the government's website and information to foreign embassies in Sweden.

Sweden Democrats' group leader in the Riksdag, Henrik Vinge, also attended the press conference. According to him, it is important to inform that the previously extremely generous asylum policy in Sweden is no longer quite as generous.

The government also states that during its first 100 days it has implemented several measures to deal with migration issues. Among other things, the internal controls on foreigners and the fight against illegal immigration have been expanded. It is also about the return of people staying illegally in the country, increased detention places and a focus on “voluntary re-migration”.

Investigations into adapting asylum legislation to the EU's minimum level and reviewing the regulations on the detention of foreigners are also promised .