Terna, energy consumption in Italy slightly down in 2022


Terna took a picture of Italian energy consumption in 2022. The company which manages the national transmission network, has made it known that the Italian demand has increased; attested at 316.8 billion kWh, equal to a drop of one percentage point compared to 2021. Renewables covered a total of 31.1% of demand.

The company it also examines the IMCEI index, i.e. the consumption index of “energy-hungry” companies. In this case, industrial consumption fell by 5.4% compared to the previous year. Terna, analyzing the trend of energy consumption in 2022, says that the slight drop in the overall demand for energy is the result of an increase in energy consumption. the result of a year at “two speeds”.

The modest contraction in electricity demand is registered in 2022 – the result of a “two-speed” year, with positive trend changes in the first part of the year and negative ones starting from the month of August, the consequence of a series of concomitant factors: the electricity consumption containment measures implemented by citizens and businesses as recommended by the Government, the high prices that characterized the energy markets and the rather mild temperatures recorded in the autumn and winter months.

On the front of production of energy, yes it is; in 2022, there was a strong drop in that produced by hydroelectric power (-37.7%) due to the long period of drought. This decline, adds the company, is This was partially offset by the increase in thermoelectric energy production (+6.1%) and in particular by the increase in coal-fired energy following the actions implemented by the government to deal with the gas crisis.

Looking at the data at the territorial level, the company which manages the national transmission grid, says that the energy demand in the Northit is dropped by 1.5% in 2022. Instead, in the Center and in the South and in the islands there is was a decrease of 0.3% and 0.2%, respectively. The demand for Italian electricity is 86.4% was met by domestic production and the remaining portion (13.6%) by the balance of energy exchanged with foreign countries. Net national production (276.4 billion kWh) is the result was a decrease of 1.3% compared to 2021. Growth in photovoltaic (+11.8%) and thermoelectric (+6.1%) as already reported. highlighted, while hydroelectric sources are down (-37.7%) as already seen; previously mentioned, wind (-1.8%) and geothermal (-1.6%).


With regard to the month of December 2022, the overall electricity demand decreased; stood at 25 billion kWh, down by 9.1% compared to 2021 (data influenced by the two working days less than last year and by an average temperature 2 degrees higher). The December 2022 application is open. 89.4% was met by national production and the remainder (10.6%) by the balance of energy exchanged with foreign countries.

Net national production (22.5 billion kWh) is; decreased by 11.9% compared to December 2021 with the following breakdown by sources: wind (-39.4%), hydroelectric (-18.6%), photovoltaic (-17.2%), thermoelectric (- 6.1%) and geothermal (-1.9%). The IMCEI index relating to industrial consumption for December 2022 recorded a decrease of 15% in the month compared to December 2021

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