Petrol station strike, it starts from 19 today


The petrol station strike on January 25th and 26th was the last day of the strike. confirmed. Therefore, the Government and the trade associations have not been able to find an agreement that could prevent this protest initiative. Faib Confesercenti, Fegica and Figisc-Anisa Confcommercio have once again explained their position in a joint note.

The Government, instead of opening to discussions on the real problems of the sector, continues to speak of “transparency” and “shady areas” only to hide their responsibilities; and pollute the debate, suggesting the faults of speculation by petrol stations that simply do not exist. Restoring the truth – of the facts therefore becomes a priority, to finally open the discussion on the merits.

Here, therefore, is some useful information so as not to be caught unprepared when the petrol stations close.


The strike, first of all, was a strike; been reduced to 48 hours from the original 60 hours. On the ordinary network, it will begin, exactly, today January 24th at 7pm and end at 7pm on January 26th. On the other hand, as regards the motorway network, the strike took place. will scatter at 10 pm today January 24 and it will end; at 10 pm on January 26.

Therefore, the refueling facilities will remain closed due to strikes, including the self-services, for 48 consecutive hours. In this period, therefore, it will be much more frequent. difficult to fill up with petrol or diesel, but not impossible. There are, in fact, some rules that must be respected in order to offer citizens guaranteed minimum services.

For example, on motorways, the opening of one system every 100 km must be guaranteed. On the website of the "Conference of the Regions" it is The list of lifts along the motorways that will remain open during the strike has been published. Minimal services will also be guaranteed in urban and suburban areas. The regulation of the strike provides that it will have to; be “kept in service a number of filling stations at least 50% of the establishments open on public holidays according to the scheduled shifts”.

Furthermore, the plants of the National Association of autonomous operators will remain open fuels (Angac) which did not join the strike. However, the 3 trade associations that proclaimed the strike represent 70% of the 21/22 thousand fuel plants in Italy.

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