Maxwell: Jeffrey Epstein was murdered in prison


Published 24 January 2023 at 14.08

Foreign. Ghislaine Maxwell, who arranged girls for Jeffrey Epstein, now claims that the pedophile banker was murdered in prison. AFP reports.

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Ghislaine Maxwell is herself sentenced to 20 years in prison for helping Jeffrey Epstein sexually exploit underage girls.

In an interview with a British television channel, she now claims that the deceased financier was murdered in prison. Epstein died in August 2019 in his cell in New York while awaiting trial for sexual exploitation of minors.

He is believed to have sat on pedophile-related blackmail material against a series of very powerful men.

The cause of death was officially determined as suicide by hanging, but the death has caused great controversy and given rise to so-called conspiracy theories.

– I think he was murdered. I was shocked and then wondered how it could have happened, says Maxwell in the interview broadcast on British TalkTV.

An autopsy hired by Epstein's brother claimed in 2019 that there was evidence of murder and that multiple fractures in the banker's neck was “very unusual for a suicide”.

It also emerged that both surveillance cameras outside Epstein's cell had accidentally stopped working at the exact time of the alleged suicide.

The two the correctional officers in charge also happened to both fall asleep at the same time the incident occurred.

The prison guards have admitted to falsifying records from the night Epstein died and were indicted in 2019 for mishandling their supervision of him. But federal prosecutors dropped the charges in 2021 after the guards completed community service as part of an earlier plea deal.

Maxwell, who is appealing her 2021 conviction, also now claims she regrets getting to know Epstein. She states that she did not know he was “so awful” when they met and started a relationship in the late 1990s.