Fritz!Box and Fritz!Repeater: Several routers and repeaters reach the support end


From now on, the Fritz!Box 3490 and the Fritz!Box 4020 as well as the Fritz!Repeater 1750E and the Fritz!Repeater 310 will officially no longer receive product support from the manufacturer. As AVM has announced, the models have reached the “End of Support” status and will therefore no longer receive a new version of Fritz!OS in the future. >The end of support comes after 8 to 10 years

The Fritz!Box 3490, which was introduced in September 2014 and was therefore supported with updates and personal support by telephone and e-mail for more than 8 years, the Fritz!Box 4020, which appeared in June 2015, and the Fritz!Repeater from 2014 and the Fritz!Repeater 310, which is more than 10 years old, have now officially been removed from support and are no longer supported.

The The four models mentioned will remain on the following current versions of the in-house router operating system Fritz!OS from AVM.

Versions of Fritz!OS

  • Fritz!Box 3490: Fritz!OS 7.30
  • Fritz!Box 4020: Fritz !OS 7.02
  • Fritz!Repeater 1750E: Fritz!OS 7.30
  • Fritz!Repeater 310: Fritz!OS 7.15

For more information, see the manufacturer's official product support website, which lists both supported and deprecated products from the manufacturer.

Knowledge databases and guarantee remain unaffected

The extensive knowledge databases for the Fritz!Box 3490 and Fritz! Box 4020 can still be reached online. The AVM manufacturer's guarantee, which is usually 5 years for retail products, applies independently from the time of the initial purchase and of course remains unaffected by the end of support.

Fritz!OS 7.50 on the rise

AVM is currently trying to update the latest firmware in the form of Fritz!OS 7.50 to current models in the Fritz series !Box, Fritz!Repeater and Fritz!Powerline. The Fritz!Box 6690 Cable, Fritz!Box 7590 and Fritz!Box 7530 as well as the Fritz!Repeater 2400 have been updated. According to AVM, other models will follow soon.

The The editors would like to thank the community for pointing this out.