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Base Builder Fest: Discount campaign on Steam for building games


The Chinese New Year Sale has been running on Steam since the middle of last week, surprisingly enough, as part of which primarily games that come from the Chinese cultural area or are themed on it are reduced. A second wave of offers with a completely different focus is now starting with the base building campaign.

A week full of base building discounts

As part of the “Base Building Fest”, numerous games in the categories of building strategy, base building, city building simulation, settlement simulation, strategy, sandbox, management and crafting have been reduced in price on Steam since yesterday evening. As usual, Valve presents some of the titles participating in the discount campaign in a short trailer.

The provider is also putting free playable demo versions of current and upcoming games in the focus.

The offers will run until January 30, 2023 at 7:00 p.m. and thus share a time slot with the New Year Sale on GOG, which is also currently taking place.

Offers to be featured

In the context of this campaign, the following offers should be highlighted. The discounts given in brackets refer to the respective recommended retail price.

Selected offers on Steam

  • Astroneer – 13.99 euros (-50 percent)
  • Dwarf Fortress – 26.09 euros (-10 percent)
  • Dyson Sphere Program – 13.43 euros (-20 percent)
  • Farthest Frontier – 24.64 euros (-15 percent)
  • Foundation – 23.99 euros (-20 percent)
  • Frostpunk – 7.49 euros (-75 percent)
  • Jurassic World Evolution 2 – 17.99 euros (-70 percent)
  • Northgard – 8.39 euros (-70 percent)
  • Planet Coaster – 9.49 euros (-75 percent)
  • Planet Zoo – 11.24 euros (-75 percent)
  • Planet Zoo: Ultimate Edition – 74.97 euros (-58 percent)
  • RimWorld – 26.39 euros (-20 percent)
  • Satisfactory – 17.99 euros (-40 percent)
  • Subnautica – 9.89 euros (-67 percent )
  • Subnautica: Below Zero – 12.59 euros (-58 percent)
  • This War of Mine – 3.79 euros (-80 percent)
  • Timberborn – 16.79 euros (-20 percent)

By the way, Anno 1800, which Ubisoft only recently re-released on Steam after the popular building strategy game was removed from the platform upon release in 2019.

The editors would like to thank community member S yrato for reporting this message.