Minister Urso, appeal to gas station attendants who reply: “the strike remains confirmed”


There seems to be less and less room for finding an agreement that can avert the two-day strike called by the gas stations after a last “question and answer” by the gas stations. at a distance between the Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy Adolfo Urso and the trade associations. Yesterday the minister launched an appealto trade associations representing petrol stations asking them to call off the strike. In an interview on Radio 24, the minister affirmed that the strike was a no-brainer. a “decision that harms citizens”. During the interview, the minister also underlined that the table for discussions with the trade associations remains open.

There is a lot of discussions. a discussion table that we will keep open on an ongoing basis until there will be ’ an industry shuffle.

And with regard to the strike, the minister also spoke of “gray areas that damage those who work in complete honesty”. Furthermore, he reiterated some of the actions that the Government has decided to carry out on the fuel front. Regarding the halt to the cut in excise duties, the minister underlined that it is a very precise choice of the Government.

The reduction in excise duties is a major step. It was decided in an extraordinary and timed moment, but it brought benefit above all to the most haves.

And as regards the obligation to display a billboard with the average prices of fuel, the minister highlighted that this measure “will help consumers to choose”.

Statements that < strong>trade associations representing petrol stations. Associations that have reiterated that the two-day strike will take place.

The stop was and is; confirmed, and the minister's statements are yet another demonstration of the confusion in which the government moves in this matter.

A question and answer that therefore risks closing off any possibility of a move. of dialogue to avoid the gas station strike.

The Government continues to ask for transparency and we have offered it in every possible way. What you can't do; ask is; to authorize new obligations and new penalties for the managers. We have made concrete proposals to the minister, you value them without discharging the responsibility; of your exclusive choices on the skin of the gas station attendants and avoid evoking compliant pseudo personalistic associations that have no representation. Trade organizations have always argued for the need for professional development. of an open confrontation until the last minute before the strike which was and remains confirmed. Minister Urso's declarations seriously risk closing off any remaining possibility; to positively conclude the ongoing dispute. Palazzo Chigi should intervene and give a signal on the entire dispute.

The consumer associations who support the minister are also intervening on the matter. For example, Absoluteusers is ready to organize protests against the managers.

The strike of the petrol stations must be revoked without ifs and buts, because; all the reasons that led the managers to call the protest have disappeared. If the strike were to be confirmed, we are ready to organize protest initiatives against the operators throughout the country by consumers, including a counter-strike by motorists.

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