It is Morgan Johansson's new Säpo wife who is being prosecuted for data breach


Published 23 January 2023 at 15.35

Domestic. Just three weeks ago, former Minister of Justice Morgan Johansson (S) married his Säpo employee girlfriend Emelie Karlsson. Now the Säpo woman is charged with having illegally hit a former boyfriend. Although the crime is said to have been committed in 2018, it was only shortly after S's election loss in 2022 that the crime was reported.

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Expressen was the first to report on the prosecution for data breach against the Säpo woman on Monday.

The left-wing newspaper writes that it is about a woman who is now “close to one of Sweden's most famous politicians”, but obscures who the politician is.

Fria Tider has, however, received confirmation from the Special Prosecutor's Chamber that the Säpo woman in question is Emelie Karlsson, 38. She married the 14-year-old Morgan Johansson (S) just a few weeks ago, in the middle of the ongoing criminal investigation for data breaches.

Suspected S-corruption

Although the crime is said to have been committed in April 2018, it was only in the weeks after the 2022 election that the incident was reported to the police department for special investigations and a preliminary investigation was started. The timing has raised suspicions of corruption as it involved a girlfriend of one of Sweden's most powerful ministers at the time.

Emelie Karlsson is accused of “illegally obtaining access to information intended for data processing by raiding the Security Police's system RKBAS (the register control database), which system is used in the Security Police's law enforcement activities, regarding a person with whom she had a relationship or in any case a love relationship.”

In other words, she must have broken the law by having checked out an ex-boyfriend. She herself states that she did this on behalf of her ex-husband.

Emelie Karlsson has previously had relationships with at least two other Säpo men, according to Expressen.

Emelie Karlsson is described by Expressen as a person with a key role in the law enforcement business. She has had access to secret records that are subject to strict confidentiality and may only be used for official purposes.