Hundreds of police officers are sent to Stockholm


Published 23 January 2023 at 12.21

Domestic. Johan Olsson, head of Noa, has decided on a reinforcement with around a hundred intervention police to Stockholm. The police will be on site during the week.

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– With the recent development of shootings and explosions, we see a need to send additional reinforcements to Stockholm to prevent more murders occurring in the ongoing conflicts and to increase surveillance in several locations. The police will be on site within the next few days, says Noa manager Johan Olsson.

Police region Stockholm has for a long time dealt with a long series of shootings and explosions in a network environment, which has contributed to a heavy burden on the region .

– It is a very welcome addition. We are doing everything we can to break the serious spiral of violence that the region is in now and need additional resources. We look very positively on colleagues from other parts of Sweden strengthening the work in Stockholm, says Mattias Andersson, acting regional police chief in Stockholm, on the police's website.

The decision applies for the next two weeks and the police come from all police regions.