Aptera unveils the Launch Edition of its electric car that can also be recharged with the sun


Aptera is finalizing the development of its electric car which can be used in many ways. also be recharged with the sun thanks to the presence of solar panelson the bodywork. Currently, the company – is working on the latest pre-series version called "Delta" which will be also used to obtain homologation before starting the actual production phase.

The company also unveiled new details on the “Launch Edition” version ; which will be the first to be released.


As we have seen by speaking more; vaults of Aptera, the company; has developed a particular electric vehicle equipped with 3 wheels and particularly efficient aerodynamics. The company speaks of a Cx of 0.13. As for the specifics of the Lunch Edition, the company lets it be known that it is; equipped with a powertrain (three electric motors) 128 kW. Traction is; integral (3 wheels). The speed maximum reaches 162 km/h. To go from 0 to 60 miles per hour (96 km/h), it takes 4 seconds.

Thanks to its great efficiency, for this version, Aptera speaks of a range of up to 400 miles (643 km). The most interesting, however, “ the solar charging technology developed by the company. According to what has been communicated, using the car in favorable places such as southern California, it will be easier for the vehicle to be used. It is possible to recover up to 40 miles (64 km) per day. The solar panels can recharge the battery up to a maximum power of 700 Watts. According to the company, people living in Southern California, taking advantage of the energy generated by solar panels, could potentially never have to recharge their car from a power outlet/column. Claim based on typical average daily usage of 29 miles. Obviously theoretical data to show the potentialities of the project. of the car.

The car, however, can; refuel in alternating current up to a power of 6.6 kW (fast charging will be offered at a later time). Since at the moment it will be; only the Launch Edition version is offered, this means that initially customers will not be able to choose the different powertrain variants that the company intended to offer. We remind you that the car, in the future, will be; proposed with 25 kWh, 40 kWh, 60 kWh and 100 kWh batteries, for an autonomy that will be able to last longer. even go up to 1,600 km.

As far as production is concerned, the company lets it be known that the goal is start by the end of 2023. It must be said, however, that this will depend on the number of people who want to leave. from the capital which will be; able to collect.

Although our delivery timeline is dependent on funding, our goal is to make sure that you are able to collect. begin production by the end of 2023. Once our fundraising goals have been met, we will be able to provide an improved delivery timeline. specifies.

The company ` claims to have over 40,000 reservations for its electric car. At least 5,000 units will be produced in the Launch Edition version. We recall that the company & agrave; he was also able to count on the help of Sandy Munro to carry on his project. For the Launch Edition, prices start at $33,200.

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