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Apple's all-in-one gift card soon also in Belgium?


It seems that Apple will also release the all-in-one gift card in Belgium, iCulture reader Joran discovered. With this card you can purchase both hardware and software from Apple. Gonny van der Zwaag | iCulture.nl – 22 January 2023, 9:25 whatsappfacebooktwittertelegramlinkedinmailprint

In the Netherlands, the all-in-one gift card started in June 2022, but in Belgiumë do you still have two separate cards at the time of writing. One gift card can only be used for purchases of physical products (devices and accessories), while the other gift card is intended for all digital products such as apps, music, films and subscriptions. In the US, Apple merged the two cards a few years ago and now more and more countries are following suit. The new Apple gift card was also already available in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italyë and other European countries. Belgiumë seems to be the next candidate.

This is evident from the fact that the Apple Store app now shows an explanation of the new cards in the Gift card section. There is also a buy button visible, which is not yet functional. It seems to be working behind the scenes. The desktop version still shows the old version with the gift card that is only valid for iTunes and the App Store.

The new gift card has both advantages and disadvantages. An advantage is that you can use the credit for almost anything: everything Apple sells can be paid for with the gift card. A disadvantage is that there are rarely bargains to be found. With the iTunes gift cards you often received a 15% to 20% discount on the purchase or you received extra credit. This is no longer the case with the universal card. The reason is simple: Apple doesn't just want to give up to 20% off the purchase of a Mac or iPhone.

Once the gift card is available, you can send it to someone by email. Physical versions with stickers will eventually be available in the Apple Store in Brussels and at various points of sale such as MediaMarkt, Lab9 and Fnac. Often you can even find them in the supermarket. The difference is that the cards you buy in the Apple Store are not printed with an amount, while the cards from the supermarket and electronics store are printed with €25,-, €50,- and €100 ,-. So you have a little less freedom in your choice.

Unfortunately, little has changed in the design in all that time. You can choose from 5 stickers with colorful Apple logo. In the US, Apple also releases special Christmas versions of the gift card, but you cannot use them for the Dutch Apple Store and App Store. Because also for Belgiumë applies: the card you have in Belgiumë can only be used with a Belgian Apple ID and for hardware purchases within Belgium.

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