Toyota For All, the range of cars for people with mobility? reduced


One of Toyota's goals is that of providing mobility solutions; tailor-made for people, even for those with reduced motor autonomy. The Japanese manufacturer, therefore, has created products that allow everyone to move freely. In accordance with its objectives, the car manufacturer has expanded its product range with some models designed for the needs of passengers with limited mobility. reduced. Thus was born the Mobility For All range which includes special versions of PROACE AND PROACE CITY with petrol, diesel and electric engines.


Toyota PROACE VERSO and PROACE CITY VERSO, in the accessible version, have been modified to facilitate access for people in wheelchairs. In particular, on the Toyota PROACE CITY VERSO, entry and exit from the vehicle are facilitated by the manual ramp(of low weight, therefore easy to maneuver), while the lowering of the platform creates the useful height space to accommodate the person in a wheelchair sitting next to the passengers in the second row. This car can; accommodate 1 person in wheelchair and 4 other passengers, in the L1 version, or 5 passengers in the L2 version.

Instead, Toyota PROACE VERSO, in the L1 and L2 versions with low floor allows you to carry 1 person in wheelchair and up to a maximum of 7 other passengers, retaining all the original seats. In the last row, two additional seats can be installed, which can be swiveled and closed against the wall. These, together with the ramp in the Genius version, make it possible to obtain 2 additional travel seats if the person in the wheelchair is not available. present.

Furthermore, it is present. It is also possible to request an electrically operated single-arm lift, which allows you to transport up to two people in wheelchairs.

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