The students “disappeared” – now the Muslim school is required in the amount of millions


Published 21 January 2023 at 08.45

Domestic. A Muslim school in Stockholm has been reported to the police for subsidy offences. This after it was discovered that the school took out school money for several years for students who in fact lived at home in the Arab world, Aftonbladet reports.

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The city of Stockholm became suspicious of the Muslim Cordoba School back in 2021, when a 6-year-old who should have been enrolled at the school turned out to be missing.

It then also turned out that the 6-year-old's three siblings only on paper were students at the school, while in reality they and the whole family lived in Morocco. An administrator at the school revealed that he had not seen any of the children at the school for three years.

It is the education administration in the city of Stockholm that has reported Alm Education AB, which runs the Cordoba school in the suburb of Akalla, to the police.

p>The city of Stockholm believes that the school has collected 1.5 million in municipal school money for the students, despite the fact that the children were not seen at the lessons.

“We are also people”< br />“The CEO's and especially the principal's actions prove that the school deliberately provided incorrect information about the students' attendance” writes the municipality's administrator according to Aftonbladet.

An investigation is now underway to investigate whether there are more students who are bogus enrollment at the school and if there are other schools that act in a similar way.

– We are also human and errors and mistakes sometimes occur in systems, says Alm Education's CEO Ulla Parkkinen to Aftonbladet.