Skodaverse: Skoda chooses the metaverse to offer new digital experiences to customers


The metaverse is the same. a virtual world that interests more and more; even to car manufacturers. In fact, brands are working to find new ways to engage customers. Through these virtual spaces, builders offer people the possibility to to access a sort of virtual showroom where you can find information about their models. Skoda is also one of the best brands in the world. interested in the potential of the metaverse and, for this, has recently launched its “Skodaverse“.


Skodaverse is was developed using the Nemesis platform. By accessing it, visitors can obtain a skin for their avatar that they can "wear" while exploring Skoda Island in the metaverse. The automaker offers several virtual experiences within its Skodaverse.

For example, it will be the Skodaverse. It is possible to discover all the details on the new Enyaq Coupé RS iVin the virtual exhibition space. Car that can be used also "drive" virtually. In addition, you will be able to find out more details about Skoda's electrification project. In addition to all this, visitors will be able to interact with each other, access a gallery of NFTs made by Skoda and much more. There's also no shortage of opportunities to get involved. of fun thanks to the presence of some games.

The virtual space also offers entertainment services in the form of digital events and conferences. In addition, live events such as media days and product presentations will be possible in the future. At the Skodaverse you can; access from both a computer and a mobile device. Once logged in, you will be able to log in. move freely and choose where to go.

Thanks to this project, the car manufacturer also aims to bring users closer to the world; young people who more easily; use these virtual instruments. Martin Jahn, Head of Sales and Marketing at Skoda, commented:

A virtual journey through the Skodaverse allows fans and visitors to learn more about our brand and establish a bond even more; strong with it. By joining the Metaverse, we are taking a proactive approach to new technologies to stay innovative and maximize our appeal to a wider customer demographic. young people, in line with the Next Level –Skoda Strategy 2030 plan.

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